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Kohlrabi and Leek Soup

July 27, 2016

Welcome to our first post (of many hopefully) aimed at busy families who have babies starting out on solid foods. Our little guy started solids shortly after 4 months and now, at almost 6 months has graduated rapidly onto unique flavours such as celeriac, kohlrabi and zucchini.

Having done a lot of research before starting solids early with a reflux baby with allergy in the family, I decided to follow my own method taking into account the latest information on allergy advice (see ASCIA guidelines – 26th May 2016). I had read Annabel Karmel, Karen Faulkner, Rapley & Murkett (Baby Led Weaning), Karen Le Billion (French Kids Eat Everything) and Nicholas Smith and after so much advice, decided finally to just launch in whilst applying a few simple rules. Now, after 6 weeks of solids, with a babe who eats absolutely everything (with a bit of parent modelling required of course) we are getting pretty adventurous with our flavours. As foodies, we want to raise a healthy, allergy free child who eats absolutely everything and loves ‘adult’ flavours. So far, so good.

Hence we come to kohlrabi and leek soup. Not our first venture into leek, but definitely the first into kohlrabi with the tiny man. And as usual, after a few days of tasting, the little man acknowledges our efforts with an excited kick of the legs and an ‘mmmmmm’ after the first bite.

Make no mistake here. I am not talking about making labour intensive purees and elaborate meals for your child. Yes, in the beginning you do have to go slow, modifying what you eat and cooking a few separate things. But it’s very easy to do whilst you are preparing your own main meal – you just take a bit extra off and freeze some small portions so that you can start to stockpile a bit. Given we are starting solids in Winter, there is such an amazing selection of root vegetables from our local markets that you can throw into soups and portion off for bub at the same time – omitting ‘no nos’ such as salt. Once baby is able to eat several types of foods at once (I introduce one new food only every 3 days, repeating that food on days 2 and 3) you can then start to share your adult meals with him/her.



1 litre of homemade bone broth (we used lamb this time – method is the same as chicken just make sure you stew for 24 hours)

1 very large kohlrabi, cut into chunks

2 large leeks (omit the green stalks), sliced

2 medium potatoes (we used sebago), peeled and cut into chunks

A good glug of olive oil

Slice the leeks and throw into a heavy saucepan with olive oil on medium heat. Sauté for a few minutes until the leeks soften. Add the chopped kohlrabi and potatoes, pour the bone broth on top, turn down the heat to a medium-low, pop the lid on and walk away. Give the soup a stir every now and then, but if you have it low enough you won’t need to hang around and watch it. After about an hour the soup will be ready to be pulped into a smooth puree and eaten or immediately frozen for later use.

PS The big circular hunk that looks like fat you see on the top of the soup pot is yes, in fact, fat. It’s from the bone broth (below). We never scrape the fat off our bone broth and I like to add chunks of the fat back in when I am making soups (especially for bub) for more flavour, nutrition and well, for a bit of fat.


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