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The idea of a blog about living and cooking sustainably evolved and developed over the years. Rooted from an interest in health, nutrition and wellness combined with a changing perspective on the human impact on the environment has led us both to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle through how we commute to work, the way we live and the choices we make with the food we consume.

It started with rolling our own handmade spelt pasta, but has since graduated to baking wild yeast sourdough spelt and rye breads, growing herbs and veggies on our balcony and so much more.

Celery meets beetroot is about the little urban kitchen of Matthias and Nicola, where we make healthy and sustainable choices that we share here with you. Here, you will find a collection of stories about our quest to live more sustainably; the food you will find on this blog is mostly vegetarian and always cooked with free range, organic or chemical free produce. We support buying local wherever we can, or growing our own, and we try to share with you some of our green hints and tips of a more sustainable way of living – as a young couple living busy lives in a large city.

Please email us at hello@celerymeetsbeetroot.com if you have any questions, comments or feedback – we’d love to hear from you! Please also check out our facebook page. We’re also on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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I’ve been fascinated by food and health ever since suffering from chronic illness as a young adolescent and teenager growing up Sydney, Australia. Ever interested in food, science and my immediate environment, I studied Food Science at university and went on to work for one of Australia’s leading and most ethical food manufacturers. Fast forward a few years down the track, I now work in clinical research and I love it.

A down to earth practicing yogi as well as scientific thinker, I am passionate about exploring and questioning many schools of thought about how we eat, love, think and live in the world. I’ve always been careful about what I eat, but increasingly have become more and more interested in the ethics of food and through that, living more sustainably.

A little secret about me: I never liked to cook – in fact, I loathed it – not until I met Matthias and he showed me with a little fun, creativity and passion how enjoyable – and easy – cooking good, healthy, sustainable food really is.





I’ve always loved food. As a kid I was constantly in the kitchen not to really help out my mum or grandmas… no, to taste the food that was cooking or sizzling away. I always looked in each pot to check out what was in there. Still doing it when I come for a visit.

In the early times of my youth my parents thought that one day I would be a chef but somehow I developed a stronger interest in electronics and made a career with electronic equipment. My life is driven by challenges and finding solutions, so creating meals is kind of similar. Cooking, experimenting with flavours to make a meal delicious is a big and interesting task.

Over the last few years, Nicola and I became more interested in living a sustainable lifestyle, it all started with fish. From there on, we developed more awareness on what we ate and this grew on us, it became part of our lives.

This blog is an extension of our cooking experiences. We are not 100% vegetarians and I don’t think we ever will be, but we furnish our lives with a better, healthier choice of fresh delicious, local grown veggies and spices. Let’s face it, the world has more cooking shows, blogs and books on how to cook poultry, fish and meat in the most delicious way. This gives the feeling or impression that cooking without meat is “impossible” but this blog will prove that meals don’t have to have our closest animals on the plate to make a delightful, substantial feast.


Please stick around and check out our broad range of recipes for vegetarians, vegans, and people who just want to be healthy or make more wholesome choices. Some of our personal favs are our ginger chocolate fudge cake, zucchini, ginger and chick pea burgers and gnocchi with almond and cashew red sauce.

All blog posts about food and diet expressed by Celery Meets Beetroot on this website are solely our own opinions based on our own education and experience. The posts on this website are not intended to be a source of health information for readers. For those who wish to seek dietary and health advice,  please seek the advice of a registered Health Care Professional.

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  • Reply jack mccoy June 4, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    aloha, love your site and we are going to try and use some of your ideas in the Paleo Diet we are on. Check it out….. aloha jack and kelly

    • Reply celerymeetsbeetroot June 12, 2014 at 9:07 pm

      Hi Jack & Kelly
      Thanks for your lovely comment, great to hear we have been able to inspire you!
      Cheers… Nicola & Matthias

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  • Reply Cassandra May 24, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    Just saw this posted on facebook and it made me think of your pumpkin feta and chickpea rolls. I have made them so many times and I rarely ever repeat dishes.
    You should definitely enter some of your recipies!

  • Reply Jim Cookson July 3, 2015 at 10:22 am

    What a great site. I’m drawn to food primarily by taste but how it looks also greatly influences my choices. Seeing each dish makes me want to try them all. Great work guys

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